Go To Meetings Vs Zoom Meeting

The two best communication soft wares have been compared to help you select one for your business.


It’s conferencing software used on internet that assists its users to meet with their consumers and colleagues. You can easily work from home and work anytime using the app where it’s easy to join conferences and online meetings. This software also provides HD video conferencing capability that makes your interactions more personal. The company that made this software, citrix, has been in the business for last 25 years and specializes in providing production and collaboration components. Currently, more than 0.3 million organisations are using their technologies and are benefitting from them.

Intercall is a competitor of Go To Meeting software besides Ready Talk. Intercall features desktop sharing, single click joining, video recording, synced audio and many more. One drawback is that it does not support Mac operating system

Ready talk comes with free calling, consumer annotation, screen sharing in real time, file transfer but streaming audio feature is not present in the package.

4.5 stars is the average rating of Go To Meetings software which is put together through 2780 reviews.

Besides HD conferencing tools, Go To Meetings features desktop as well as application sharing, single click recording, mouse control sharing, keyboard control sharing, single click meetings. U can also start a meeting on ad-hoc basis or schedule it for later via personal computers and cell phone dedicated apps.  You can also record the meeting in full that includes its audio from microphone. It also has drawing tools that allows users to draw anything on screens. Other features include choice of starting the meeting from email or instant messengers and setting up meeting schedules.

Go To Meeting has four packages for its consumers. There is free plan that comes with limited features and then essential plan that costs $7 monthly and are suitable for small teams. The Pro Plan costs $15 monthly and Pro+ Plan costs $31 monthly. Both Pro and Pro+ plans are suitable for larger teams

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Zoom vs GoToMeeting: Zoom is software that let you hold a seminar over the internet (webinar). It is a cloud based service and includes features such as, controlling by host, HD sharing of screen, dialogue box for questions and answers and also used for reporting after the webinar. Its main purpose is to hold online trainings, simulated video conferences and for online visual demonstrations. It is appropriate for SMEs as well as educational organizations. It was developed by Zoom Video Communications created in 2011 in the USA.

This software can be set up through SaaS, cloud and internet.  Up to one hundred video members can be broadcasted online in a meeting.

3.9 stars is the average rating of the Zoom software which is put together through 10 reviews.

Besides Go To Meeting, ezTalks is another competitor of Zoom software. It’s a visual conferencing tool based on on-premise web and cloud services suitable for business of all sizes and industries. Eztalks features included streaming of presentations, webcasting on demand and other tools used for presentation.

Zoom also comes with four plans for its customers

There is free plan that restrict the user to limited features of the software. Then there is Pro plan suitable for small teams costing $ 14.99 per month. For SMEs there is a business that costs $19.99 per month.  Enterprise plan is best for large enterprises costing them 19.99 per month.

There are two other plans for conferencing specifically that is Zoom rooms that cost $49 per month per room and H.323 room at $49 per month per port

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